Sunday, December 19, 2010

Flashback: Rotary Club Partnership

Posing for posterity
Seated: ACIM-Asia Staff. Standing Behind: Officers and Members of the Rotary Club of Tanay

Preliminary Request

Deliberation meeting between ACIM-Asia staff and the members of the Rotary Club of Tanay

Dr. Jean-Pierre Dickes, President of ACIM, and Rev. Fr. Daniel Couture, Mission Director,
and Mr. Delfin Yuvienco, Rotary Club of Tanay President, discuss the mission at the Opening Program on July 25, 2010

At the mission site, Dr. Jean-Pierre Dickes (in black, right)
with Mr. Delfin Yuvienco (2nd, left), who is the present President of Rotary Club of Tanay,
Fr Couture (1st, left), and the past president (in striped shirt) of Rotary Club.

The Rotary Club of Tanay actively supported Rosa Mystica Health Mission by sponsoring the breakfast of volunteers, lending 10 tents, and by hosting the lodging of Dr. Gabriel Dichard and his wife Danielle. The Rotary Club fostered a linkage between ACIM-Asia and Tanay Business Club and Tanay Red Cross.

The town mayor and the mission organizers acknowledge
the valuable support of Rotary Club of Tanay to the Rosa Mystica Heath Mission.

The logo of the Rotary Club is placed in the mission banner to acknowledge their support.
(see the 2 Rotary symbols under the 3 Rodge Pharmamed Sales at the right side)


To celebrate the mission partnership, ACIM-Asia staff, Dr. Gilbert Dichard and his wife Danielle, join the Rotary Club of Tanay in their Induction Ceremony on August 16, 2010.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

St. Philomena Chapel, Townsite Subdivision, Sampaloc, Tanay, Rizal Province

NOTE THIS SITE IS STILL UNDER CONSTRUCTION. sorry for the inconvenience.

No. of Patients:
No. of Mission Days: 9 days, excluding the pre-mission consultations and the post-mission follow up consultations
Mission Date: July 26-31, 2010/ August 2-4, 2010

Filipino nurse Rhione Mae Echaluce patiently takes the patient's baseline data and illness history

patient weighs in

Swiss nurse takes the patient's height

The pediatricians' consultation tent

Swiss volunteer Veronique Pedroni receives Dr. Viray's patient

Dr. Pearl Viray writes a prescription

Dr. Emely Lagare treats 3 children and their mother

Pediatric patients and their mothers wait for their turn

Dr. Elizabeth and Nurse Pauline review an adult patient's signs and symptoms

Dr. Emeline analyzes a patient's condition

the medical technicians wait for a specimen

Philippine army dentist and her assistants lay out their tools

nurses assist in dispensing medicines for dental patients

French orthoptist Charlotte Riguidel guides patients in choosing free eyeglasses

French orthoptist Charlotte Riguidel, French pharmacist Hughues Martin and Mission Director Rev. Fr. Daniel Couture transmit mission news to European sponsors

St. Ann Chapel, Pantay, Dalig, Teresa, Rizal Province

Upper Sitio Gabihan, Tanay, Rizal Province

No. of Patients: 255
No. of Mission Days: 1
Mission Date: July 31, 2010


Sprawled on a bare mountainside at the mercy of heavy rains and strong winds, these bamboo-slat houses are fragile shelters for the evacuees of the 2009 Typhoon Frank ("Ondoy") that hit Metro Manila and Rizal Province.
These houses represent the new beginnings for families in Tanay municipality whose homes were totally wrecked by the rush of raging 12-foot deep floodwater.

with rain drizzling on their head and sticky mud clinging to their shoes, the mission volunteers went up and down the village to assess the condition of the evacuees.

Boy transporting water from the village well to the house

Feel the rhythm of an ordinary rain in Gabihan.

Sumilang, Teresa, Rizal Province

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